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Speak to potential clients in their own language

Although many people can get by in English, studies have observed that people react more emotionally to messages in their mother tongue, which is a clear advantage in driving your audience to action.

Messages in a consumer's native language are more likely to lead to a purchase.

Adapting your content for different cultures and locations can also help you connect with your audience by using words and expressions familiar to them, such as in the case of Canadian French (vs International French) and the several varieties of Spanish spoken in the Americas and Europe.

Our core translation services are focused on the English/French spectrum of languages, but we also offer translation in other languages as part of our Content Creation and Strategy services.

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Our Translation Services

Bilingual/Multilingual Websites
Website translation adapted to your audiences. We work with WPML for WordPress and other file formats such as HTML, PHP and more.

Software and Mobile Apps
Interface and content translation/localization for software and mobile apps.

Articles and Editorials
Ready-to-publish paper or online magazine and newspaper articles. Bilingual publication articles. News releases.

Marketing Material
PowerPoint presentations, brochures, sales collateral.

Training Material
e-Learning course content, course material, training material, video and multimedia presentations.

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Editing and Layout

Rework your content for a stronger impact

Maximize use of your existing content by adapting it for different purposes.

We can help you give a fresh tone to your marketing material, proofread documents for publication or adapt your corporate content for the web.

Editing is not limited to the text itself. It also includes the medium used to convey the message, such as a print magazine, a PowerPoint presentation or a software interface.

In-context editing must consider how the written words fit into the visual space defined by the graphic design.

This is especially important when content must be translated, since some languages use more words than others to communicate the same message, and others are written in different scripts, all of which can affect the overall visual effect of the message.

Bilingual or multilingual content must take into account the final product's visual space

We can edit PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations and vector-based files (like EPS) to make sure your content perfectly matches the graphic design of your final product.

Our Editing and Layout Services

Proofreading (PDF, PowerPoint and EPS files)
Machine translation post-editing
Pre-publishing review for print, online publications and e-books
Writing and adaptation for the web
Desktop publishing
Bilingual and multilingual publications

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