English to French Canadian (Québec) Translation Services


We are the link between your business and the French-speaking Québec market. Our native translators understand Québec's culture, business ecosystem and language to produce top quality work that will help your business succeed in this unique market.

Canadian French Translation Services

Our most requested language pair is for American or Canadian English to Québécois French (sometimes called French Canadian) translation.

However, we can translate/adapt from many other languages into Canadian French, such as International French, British English, Spanish and Arabic.

English to French Canadian translation is one of our core services.

Translation for all your communication channels

We offer translation services for several types of media, such as:

  • Documents (Word, PDF, Excel)
  • Marketing and Sales Material
  • Technical (Instruction Manuals, Training, e-Learning)
  • Website CMS
  • Software and Mobile Apps
  • Online Ads
  • Articles and Editorials (Blogs, digital and print media)
  • Business Books, eBooks
  • Bilingual Publications

About Canadian French

Canadian French, sometimes called Québec French or Québécois, is spoken by 20% of the Canadian population, or 7.2 million people. Although most Francophones are located in the Province of Québec, French speaking communities exist in all Canadian provinces, particularly in Ontario and New Brunswick.

The Québécois Consumer

To succeed in any market, businesses must not only speak the language of its people, but also understand its unique culture.

We understand Québec's culture, market and language: Three pillars of a top quality, credible translation.

French Canadian culture has less in common with France than is commonly thought. Rather, it can be described as a hybrid of French, Anglo-Canadian and American influences.

According to Cracking the Quebec Code, Francophone Quebecers differ significantly from the rest of North America in their attitudes about finance, business relationships, risk tolerance, decision-making and the way they respond to advertising.

About the Québec Market

Representing almost 20% of Canada's total GDP, Québec's dynamic and diversified market includes leading industries in the fields of Pharma and Biotechnology, Information Technology, Software and Video Game Development, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Aerospace, Engineering and Tourism.

According to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report, Montréal has one of the best startup ecosystems in the world, excelling in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Video Game Development, and Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics.

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