Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Translation and Proofing

Translation and proofing of marketing and regulatory copy for food services, retail, personal care and other CPG for multilingual markets.


Artwork briefs, marketing briefs, regulatory copy and other related materials are translated by our dedicated CPG team. With time, the terminology database we build for each of our clients allows us to produce consistent and quality work across their brands.

Artwork Proofing

We work with unilingual, bilingual and multilingual packaging for a variety of markets. Products for the Canadian market are usually in English and French, and occasionally trilingual (English/French/Spanish). Certain products sold in the United States may require both English and Spanish packaging, and European markets often require multilingual copy.

Our CPG team works with whatever proofing tool is needed, including our clients’ own artwork proofing systems.

Our Quality Control Process

Producing quality work in the fast-paced world of CPG demands that everyone involved collaborate closely. Changes made to packaging late in the process can be costly and may cause delays in production. That is why we are always happy to meet with clients early on to see how we can become part of the process and produce timely results.

Transcreation and Cultural Consulting

When wordplay and cultural references are used in marketing a product, more than simple translation is needed to get the message across.

Transcreation takes translation a step further by adapting your marketing content to the target language and/or culture.

For example, marketing copy written for the European French market often needs to be culturally adapted for Canadian French audiences. Puns and wordplay also present a challenge and require a complete transformation to convey the same message in another language.

Our CPG transcreation and cultural consulting projects have included such fun topics as wordplay social media content, jokes and puns, as well as adapting slogans and billboard advertising copy for the Québec market.