We are an agency specializing in Canadian (Québec) French. We translate, localize, write, voiceover, and consult on branding and marketing for businesses who want to enter the Québec market.

French Canada Translation

Québecers love their language and culture and strongly favor businesses that have a local presence, which means speaking to them in their particular brand of French.  More ->

Reach the Locals

Want to explore a new market? We translatetranscreate and localize your content to give it a local flavour that appeals to the cultures you want to reach. More ->

Voiceover & Dubbing

Produce your eLearning, marketing and communication content in multiple languages with voiceover. More ->

Multilingo Plus/MLPcom is based in Toronto and Montréal, Canada. Our teams of translators, editors, copywriters and localization specialists also work in International French, American, Canadian and International English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic and Haitian Creole (Kreyòl Ayisyen)

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